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When you’re a parent, you can never have enough hands to help out some days. It can become overwhelming with the amount of “stuff” to shuffle around during an outing with a baby or toddler. Wouldn’t a diaper bag that easily converts into a carrier help limit the load?

You’re in luck!

Lublu is one step ahead of us. The new brand helps parents always be prepared with a 2-in-1 diaper bag backpack and baby carrier. Its patented, space-saving design allows the carrier to be half the size of standard ones when folded. Take out the carrier from your diaper bag, attach it around your torso, and snap in the supporting buckles straight onto your backpack. Voila!

Learn more about this great brand. It’s a lifesaver for parents and a great gift for new moms!


Una Lutin

Founder Una Lutin is a mother of three who used her life experience to design products to make day-to-day life more manageable. Her functional diaper bag backpack easily transforms into a lightweight carrier with shoulder straps that detach to convert into a carrier, fitting the entire carrier in one compartment to have it on hand when you need it most.

“I gave myself the challenge to figure out the best way to always have the carrier when I need it most without lugging around a baby carrier that is the same size as my diaper bag. After years of trying, failing, never giving up, and finally succeeding: Lublu Carrier came into this world.”

Being truly prepared is an art form. Master yours with the help of Lublu. 

About Lublu:

Lublu is everything you ever wanted in a diaper bag to be prepared for each day out and about with your newborn or toddler. The lightweight, compact 2-in-1 diaper bag backpack and baby carrier let parents stay fashion-forward while packing all essentials to have close at hand.

Lublu's Patented Space-Saving Design

The Lublu Bag is conveniently separated into the upper and lower half of the backpack to stay super organized and full of compartments (16 total!). The patented, compact design provides extra room to pack for your adventure. Make everyday outings easier with the brand’s premium 2-in-1 diaper bag backpack and baby carrier. It’s everything you always wanted in a bag. The compact carrier barely takes up any room. Plus, the designs are super cute, durable, and modern! It’s great for newborns and tots starting to walk but can’t last too long before wanting to be held. Up, down, you get the picture.



Lublu solves the “pick me up, put me down, pick me up again” struggle.

Designed with parents in mind, this 2-in-1 bag is functional, comfortable, and stylish.


Our baby carrier folds in a small rectangle to take up the least amount of space in your diaper bag.

Certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, parents can rest assured that all safety details have been put into this fashion-forward bag and carrier, never throwing off your alignment or hurting your back. Easy-to-follow instructions provide a comfortable fit and have you back to enjoying your outing in no time.



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