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Going back to the office may be a possibility for you this year, and if you’re pumping breast milk for your baby, you may not be familiar with carrying all your equipment around town. Even if you're not going back to the office, you may be whizzing around town more, now that COVID restrictions have eased up (and now that you may have more events in your planner).

Between the cords and the bottles and the breast pump itself, it can be a lot. We’ve rounded up some of the best bags and backpacks that will make your commute with your breast pump easy and chic.

What kind of breast pump bag do I need?

There are multiple types of breast pump bags, and many are interchangeable with diaper bags. Like purses, there are crossbody bags, tote bags, shoulder bags, and backpacks. Each has pros and cons. For instance, carrying a pump around can be heavy, so a backpack may be the best choice for a parent who already has an ache-y body from constantly picking up a child. On the other hand, totes, duffles, and shoulder bags can look more inconspicuous, in case you have to be somewhere and you don’t want to draw attention to the fact that you’re carrying a breast pump.

Features to Look for in a Breast Pump Bag

Whatever breast pump bag you choose, pay attention to things like insulated pockets for bottles of milk, wipeable surfaces in case of spills, and of course, the design because chances are you’ll be carrying this bag with you everywhere you go.


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